I Just Don't Get It

Ok I see celebrities as normal people ( that's just me) who are living there dream. I don't see really anything special about them. I don't get some teens my age, they fricken stalk the celebrities like Justin beaver. I don't get it why the heck do you need to know what his favorite color is. Why is his hair so important it's just HAIR I mean c mon he's just a boy does it matter what school he goes to or where they live. Why is it so important that you have to get posters and perfumes and shades and shirts that the celebrity wears or uses. Honestly it's very KREEPY think about it you don't even know the guy personally but you know where he lives eats sleeps and breathes. I just don't get it I mean your never going to marry them so why even bother.
You listen to one song and now you have to buy everything with the celebs pic on it ITS KREEPY
I just DON'T get it
apml apml
18-21, F
Aug 13, 2012