Why Would People Participate In a Rally to Keep Her Out of Jail?

I am a live and let live kind of person, and yet, it seems to me that the society we live in has gone a bit haywire with respect to celebrities.

Paris Hilton, is the best example of the worst example of celebrity worship.  What has she contributed to the betterment of our society?  What influence has she been on young women?  For all of her money and fame she cannot be responsible, (or better yet delegate responsibility to a staff member) for renewing her driver's license.  For all of her money she cannot afford a driver to chauffer her from club to club....rather she gets behind the wheel in a state of intoxication.

Being in jail for 45 days is indeed a long time, but what does it say to the public at large if she is successful in avoiding her punishment.  She is not respectful of the laws of our country, she does not take seriously that driving while intoxicated may put herself or others at risk, and she does not feel compelled to be prompt to court appointments.

She is the product of a pampered and spoiled upbringing.  She is living a rarified life, and rather than being emulated and worshipped, she should be reviled for her representation of selfishness, materialism, and waste.  I feel that Paris is wasting her life.  We all have only so many days on this earth.  I think we should all look to how we can leave it a better place for our having been here.

What am I missing...why does our society have such a fixation with celebrities....it is more than the fact that the media follows them....the public could still turn away.....but that doesn't happen.

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4 Responses May 9, 2007

Here, here!!! Well said. My thoughts exactly.

We have been trained since Childhood to revere these people by our schools and the media. I remember when I was in the seventh grade some big celebrity was stopping at the school and I asked what did he do that makes him so important? results a week suspension for not showing "proper respect for My superiors" My reply was not something We can print.

Paris Hilton is a sad situation, but i put some of the responsibility on her parents. Now let's chat about Michael Jackson ;)

I think people blindly believe glamorous people live glamorous lives. This lifestyle does have its perks, but it isn't EASIER to live. In fact they have the added nuissance of the public eye being fixiated on them! They have no privacy, or chance to make mistakes, without being critisized or glorified for the things they do. ANd at least one sleezoid is snapping pictures from the bushes making money OFF OF THE CELEBRITY by some magazine! Personally, I like my privacy and solitude more than that hastle!