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I always have been. I don't understand why everyone thinks they are so much better then everyone else just because their job is to act or sing or something like that. I can honestly say I've never been obsessed with a celebrity. There are some I like and others I do but that's just like real life...there are ppl I like and ppl I don't. I don't think of them as anything special. You hear about ppl who meet them and are speechless or something...I think that's over doing it quite a bit. They are ppl...just like everyone else.
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1 Response Aug 4, 2007

I think that the reason why some people are absessed with celebrity's is because they are on TV. Everyone wants to be on TV. And after you hear so much about this one person and after you've seen that person 1000 times on TV it feels weird to meet that person in real life. I think it is ok to like them if they bring good songs and gread movies but I don't think they're something better. But to be honest I used to be obsessed with one singer because he was sooooo HOT but I was 14 lol. There is this one guy from my little town, he was a loser and nobody wanted him but now he is a famous hockey pla<x>yer and plays for our province and every girl is crazy over him. Why didn't they ask him out when he was not famouse??? Just because he is on TV now??? Some people are crazy