Celebrity Mum Of The Year

There is a magazine in Britain that holds a Celebrity Mum of the Year competition.  The entry requirements appear to be that you have to have popped one out and that, at some point during the last year, you have popped up in the press a bit too.

Previous winners include Sharron Osbourne, who has two children who have both been in therapy.

Kerry Katona, the former girl-band member, bankruptcy victim and habitual coke user

And Jordan/Kaite Price, who sold every second of her family life to Reality TV before flitting off to Ibiza to be photographed acting like a general *****-bag.

The whole award seems to advocate notoriety and general media-whoredom over good parenting to the point where they award the useless miscreant for (in my opinion) abusing their child.

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2 Responses Jan 11, 2010

She's won it twice in the past though.<br />
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I don't know whether it's voted for or not but either way, it's a sad display of fawning over someone just because you've heard of them.

I live in the U.K and I wholeheartedly agree with you. I don't think the members of the public have any say in this ridiculous charade. Jordan/Katie Price has been In I'm a celebrity get me out of here in Australia. She was voted to do the nasty trial to get food for the camp, every day. She walked out when she was voted for thetrial on day 8. Proof that the British public can't stand her. She'd never be voted mum of the year, it's a joke and an insult to all mums to even mention her name for this award.