Its Been Going On For a While Now..

When we first met, i didnt have any feelings for him at all. He asked me out and i said no to him everytime, untill i got to know him better and fell for him. We went out for a while but then it ended. We have been out 3 times in about two years. Just recently he told me that he really liked me and i said the same, though we didnt do anything about it, we see each other near everyday and he didnt do anything, i didnt really mind this. Just after he started liking this younger girl and said he was madly in love with her, they did not go out or anything and as suddenly as he started liking her he didnt anymore. He told me he loved me and he had liked me scince we met. Now he says he is in love with one of my best friends, she dosent like him like that. I think i love him so much, i keep going through phases of hating him because of it but totally loving him all the time. Its really annoying me as he says he loves this other girl but he is always asking for things from me and her (he tells us not to tell anyone what we talk about but we tell each other everything anyway because we are that close) she does not know i love him because i am ashamed. we keep loving each other at the wrong times. i just hope he realises how much i need him.

At the moment i just want somebody to care and hold me but i cant find anyone and i am getting fustrated. I hate that i love him.

I keep listening to the song 'Stuck On You' By Stacie Orrico, not only because it does describe what im going through. Its also a very good song ... <3<3                xXXx                   </3</3

EmieeJay EmieeJay
18-21, F
May 20, 2007