Why there is a mob mentality among uneducated people. I remember quite specifically one time, that there was a woman who didn't like another. She had befriended five guys, then made up stories about this other woman. She decided to cause trouble for the woman by attacking her friends.

She didn't appear as a part of the group, and she sent her group out to start trouble on a whim - specifically to draw out the other woman. As I sat between the group of guys and the woman that was drawn out, I recall that had I not been there, that woman would have been beaten up.

I stood between the "leader" of the group, and kept him from crossing a "line" that would have given the mob followers a reason to gang up on this woman.

I stopped it for a second, then the woman who started it all came out. I didn't know how to deal with this woman - so I called the police, who not only stopped any further gang activity, but spoke with the management who had her evicted.

Her excuse? I overheard her saying, "I've got anger issues." It doesn't mean that she persuades a bunch of folks to beat up someone she doesn't like.

Another story that boggles my mind is that not long ago, there was a Moslem "honor killing." A man came from Egypt with 3 brothers specifically to marry American women and convert them to Islam and raise their children as Moslems in America. When his two daughters turned 18 and decided to marry outside the Moslem culture (he had intended to transport them to Egypt and marry them off to Moslem men), he drove them 14 hours from home, and shot them dead. Then, parked the borrowed car in alot with the bodies in it, and disappeared. It is believed that he returned to Egypt, where his son went, leaving a bereaved mother, alone and grieving for her losses.

Still yet, another, a woman who had her nose cut off at the order of an Imam in Afghanistan. She was left to die, and not even family would help her - until someone picked her up and took her to the army base, where she was nursed back to health, and awarded a passport to come to the United States to get a new face - and citizenship.

And, yet - people have such a hatred for Christians; and in this country, Christians have set up the largest charities in the world, feeding millions of people, clothing them, and providing them with medical care. So, I find it hard to believe that when a group of Christians wore a t-shirt during a clean up effort after a fire in California - that FEMA told them to take of the shirt, because, "The government doesn't sponsor religion."

I find it hard to believe that after all the violence radical Moslems have shown to Americans in the United States, that governments, state, federal and local, are allowing them to build a mosque right next to the 911 memorial of the Twin Towers. After a Moslem father married a woman, then murdered her American daughters, that we tolerate ANY Moslem activity in the United States.

And a Christian can't wear a T-shirt that praises God. Is the federal government anti-American?
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Maybe they don't sponsor religion because I dunno...to avoid conflict which got her in that mess in the first place.