Do You Hate Me, Love Me Or Are You Obsessed With Me?

You say that you hate/dislike me, but I hear that you are talking about me, wouldn't that mean that you are paying enough attention to me to know what it is that you know about me? Either you like to make things up or you are really obsessed with me. Oh don't worry, I'm not mad, I am flattered. Either you like to hear my voice when I confront you or you just like to follow me around. Either way, it doesn't make me an ***, it makes you an ***, and makes you look like a complete moron. The way I look at it, if you are going to hate/dislike someone, you don't talk about them, you don't mention them, and you certainly don't do everything possible to make them want to discuss whats being said with you. In other words you try to avoid them all together. That makes more sense to me. Wouldn't you think? =) I mean think about it. When you hear something about someone you don't like, you kind of cringe like you just heard that someone puked in someone elses mouth while making out with someone. Disgusting!! And you relate that to someone with whom you dispise. So you don't go around talking about them. You don't even mention them. And the mere thought or mention of them just ruins your day. But if you claim to hate someone and go around talking about them saying oh so and so went and did this or went and said that or yada yada yada blah blah blah. It makes me wonder whether you really hate the person or you are just obsessed with their way of life. Kinda makes me think you are jealous. Which is why I find it flattering when someone looks me in the face and says "I really hate you/dislike you/annoyed by you/ etc etc." yet I hear they are keeping up to date with what it is that I am doing. Because if they pay that much attention ... DAMN! They must really love me! =) That is why I am confused ... WHAT IS IT!!
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3 Responses Mar 29, 2007

My mother always used to say that "Sticks and stones" thing to me when someone was unkind to me. It still hurts, and however you view it, it's not kind.

I have no idea what your saying but feel the other side at times. The best I can offer is this, loving someone who wont return the love hurts. This I know... that's it.

I know if I dislike someone I just avoid them all together. Talking about them is a waste of time I just stay as far away from them as possible. Some people say they hate you but if they talk about you constantly then I agree they are either jealous or obsessed with you.