To Accept Or Not To Accept?

I am pretty sure I don't want to spend time working with them or for them, nor wanted to work on lighting design either. They are offering me a job position for their led light company, yet no black and white offer has been made. I don't want to just rely on a verbal agreement, with them in particular. I know how they work with their dreamy comments and criticism. They're businessmen, and my sister warned me how businessmen work. No offense! I am confused whether I should look at it as an opportunity for my future, or just another headache to get myself into.

I am not really good at making my own decision or making a decision for that matter. I don't want to make the wrong one for accepting or not accepting it later. No matter which I decide on, I'm pretty sure that I'll regret it one way or the other.

Accepting it, meaning no freedom. Not Accepting it, equals no future. I am confused between the choice of "Me" or the "Future"....Hmmm I seem to be thinking too much for someone who doesn't even know how to make plans.
hopelessaddict hopelessaddict
31-35, F
May 15, 2012