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I am working on a story and OCs (original characters) and I'm so lost. I want a simple idea that can handle a lot of characters and has a great plot. I can't think of anything though. I had like 4 stories with a set characters in each but I decided to put them all in one giant story. I can't really figure out what I want them to be like and do until I get my story idea. It's like my project that keeps me busy when I need something to do. Almost like imaginary friends.
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As someone who has led several ‘Creative Writing Groups’ my feeling is that too many characters tend confuse your readers. There are 3 dimensional characters (the ‘real’ characters that populate your main narrative) and shadow or background characters (characters who pop in and out of your work).

It is really up to you how to plot your work. Many writers have sketched out their story beforehand, some allow the story to develop organically. My method is to write a basic chapter progression; this guarantees your work moves forward in a predictable mass.

Another rule is to ensure your writing is factually correct, do not rely on Wikipedia… reference books are essential for the checking the veracity of your work.

If you intend to seek a publisher, it is wise to search for a literary agent. In the UK we have a ‘Writer’s Year Book’ which can be borrowed from your local library.

When submitting a MS, use double line spacing and leave wide margins. Oh yes, and do not rely on your ‘spellchecker’, which is a fine tool, however it can impart poor advice.

Best of luck