Omg This Will Entertain You.

So I met this girl named Ashley. She thinks she knows everything and wants what best for her cousin who I liked a lot. I don't blame her.
But she acts to motherly and too perfect like in a hardcore Christian way.
Every time I would send a text to her cousin, she would post about it on facebook if it was flirty or skanky.
Why was it any of her business anyway? I would never do that to my cousin. She has divorced parents and three autistic brothers. So I can see why she would be attached to her normal hot cousin.
But she really needs to back off and let him handle his situations. I mean he's twenty for gosh sakes.
It's not normal how she would blast everything I said. Was she jealous?
She is friends with his ex so maybe she thought I was ruining her plans or something. Was I right to ruin the friendship I had with her? I deleted her off fb because I couldn't stand her rants on her status's anymore.
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2 Responses Nov 24, 2012

I would be put off by the guy since he shares everything with his cousin.I don't mind girls being flirty its ok for us guys so their shouldn't be double standard,wish i was attractive enough to be flirted with.

You can feel like you are hot but when you go around saying that you think you are hot then people don't generally like that. Hardcore Christians often times do not know the annoyance and pain they cause. If you don't want to be flirty just tone it down a little. Men like smart the good ones don't really like flirty. Stupid guys like flirty. It sounds like you are most likely more attractive in a classical sense than your friend and people who are not as attractive can be very envious. I can see your pic and you are but you should be secure in knowing that you are and not going around saying you are hot because that comes across as unfavorable. You are a very different person then Ashley and if you want to be friends with her still then find another guy. You are attractive so it should not be too hard.

Yah I'm kind of afraid to find another guy justs don't want him to be close to a nosy ex ya know? yah what u said makes sense

nosy cousin*

I love it when a woman flirts with me, Its been a tradition since the beginning of life. Animals flirt, we flirt, animals all flirt maybe by beating the compitition into a blood puddle, maybe spreading out our feathers as we dance about or just a wink, it's a tool the gods invented for those who are cosmetically challenged so they might experience the wonderful magic of carnal knowledge. Granted, we we abuse it, in my limmited knowledge I honestly can't think of anything on earth that man hasn't abused, but that doesn't make flirting bad. I don't recall who said it but it works and it goes something like " let he who hasn't flirted shoot the 1st bullet".