Two Guys

So here's the thing, I had a break-up and since the last few moths of our relationship we're strained, breaking-up felt hard but good and I was over it in a matter of weeks actually. Especially since I wanted to break free.

So now I have two guys on my mind... and I am confused as to what to do...

Love again... I really think we over complicate things when it comes to emotions. But I, like many, can't help but complicate things when love is concerned.

I have one guy who I like, really like. But he could be a player so to say even though my experience with talking to him is different from what other girls have to say. Like he is honest with me and natural...and with others, he isn't.
But there are obstacles....and I don't think he would do anything to overcome them. And people talking about him being a player doesn't help either.

On the other side I have a guy I met and spent little but quality time with him. He is actually persistant in trying to win me over. And I like a little effort. And he is putting in some. I don't really like him. He is charming though.

But my emotions are really messed up. Like I would be with the second one because he attracts me in a weird way, maybe too physically, I don't know. Something draws me. And with the first one... we have so many views of life in common. We could talk for hours, and the look in his eyes is just amazing. And the chemistry is there also. So many pieces fit together. And lately I have been trying to evade him because we do not have a chance... but it makes it harder. And flirting around with the second one seems to ease the pain. He makes me laugh. Is that fair at all?

I am confused. Should I see if the first one is player? Or keep quiet and ignore him? And the second one... am I playing with him or is there something more? I hate being so complicated....
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When I hear anyone describe their attraction or mate as charming alarms go off...from my experience anyone that comes off as charming probably has a good chance of being a narcissist and believe me YOU DO NOT WANT to get involved with someone like that, EVER because you WILL loose yourself. So careful consideration, maybe spend some more time observing both of them and their behaviors towards yourself and others....good luck!

That is my fear, also. It's hard to observe when the second one doesn't live near so I don't see him often, and the other one I see on a daily basis. Thank you for you advice! :)

Guess what turned out? The 'nice' guy is taken. Something I can't look past and it really hurts. And the second 'charming' one turned out to be genuine and ok. Talk about missed impressions :S

I'm glad that he turned out to be genuine...did you get to connect with him then? Are you going to try to let him win you over?

Yeah I'm giving him a shot. He is really nice to me that I thought he deserves a chance. And besides, it turned out we have a lot in common, not to mention he is going to great lengths so we can spend time together. That means a lot to me.

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