Protect Me

Why am I always confused? I go through my days rarely with very much clarity at all. Most things are a blur and I have trouble remembering things. And I have constant mood changes, I'm never happy for long which is then followed by severe lows. I have periodic hits of intense loneliness, then deep hatred/anger/longing/sadness etc. I just want to be stable and be happy more often than I'm sad. I sometimes think I'm becoming schizophrenic like my mum because of all my crazy emotions and moods, it scares me.

With all of this constantly fluctuating it keeps me permanently confused. I think one thing, then 5 minutes later I don't think that anymore. Does my head in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The5Cs The5Cs
2 Responses Aug 9, 2008

I would try to think of something you really like to do then that might get your mind off of things that might make you confused.

The reason why u'r confused is becoz u think of lots of things. Try to focus on one thing after another..thinking too much of too much things makes you confuse. We only have one brain, that must consist of one thing..try to relax...