I Am In Need Of Some One To Listen : (

I am in need of some one to talk to. I hope some one can help me work through this rather unusual predicament I am in. So here it goes....

I am dating a guy and one night I went out for a girls night and ended up meeting a guy from the marines. At the time he was stationed at a base near me and we quickly became best friends. I told him everything and he did as well. He was the one I ran to when things got hard at home, he was the one who could tell that something was wrong simply by the way I was texting him. He knew everything. In November he told me he was being deployed again. He was sent to California for training and was gone until October, they ended up letting him come home and due to having too many reserves at the time and he was supposed to be done serving by the end of October any way. So during the time he was home we continued to grow together and our friendship was stronger than ever. 2 weeks ago he texted me saying he had bad news. He had been sent paper work explaining that he would again be deployed, first to California for more training then to Afghanistan. He was told his orders were to be an MP working on the bases in Afghanistan. As afraid as I was of him doing that job and possibly going off base to patrol for a few nights at a time, I knew at least he wouldnt be close to combat. I held onto that slight bit of hope that he would be ok. Today I recieved a message that he will be shipped out in the middle of the night Saturday to Afghanistan and will now be a part of the front line. I dont know what to think right now, I am terrified that I will never see him again. : ( Recently as surprising as it is to me, I think I may be falling in love with my best friend. I have cried almost everyday since he has left and am at my wits end as to how to cope with this. Please I know it is odd but I have no one hear to talk to and could really use a friend. : (
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