What Has Been Going On???

Hmmm... well I know I have been gone for a little while but wow... I come back and EP has changed (what's with the scrolly things on the side of your page???) and people are missing with not even a goodbye or anything...

Alright EP what is going on here??!?!? Guess I will just have to stick around so I don't get anymore surprises...

phidget phidget
31-35, F
4 Responses Aug 26, 2008

.... and it's now nearly seven years later. You must be totally horrified at the latest changes... :)

Mind you, when I originally wrote this particular post it was 2008... almost 4 years later and its a plain hot mess now... too much going on... people like me (easily distracted) REALLY don't need additional little buttons, gadgets, widgets, little shiny bl<x>inky things to mess with our minds... needless to say I'm TRYING to get used to it... still confused... but I think that's just my natural state... HAH!

Everyone I know feels the same;(
Dont know who they were listening to .. dont think it was anyone here. Probably just trying to copy facebook :(

Hi phidget, <br />
<br />
Good to see you back.<br />
<br />
Be very interested to know what you make of the complete dogs dinner mess they have made of the site now.

I hate the new design it is makes it hard to find cool stories! Welcome Back Phidget! Who is missing?