OK well, I have had this reoccuring dream for a few nights in a row. As a background I really have a passion for the weather, so natural disasters all that jazz interests me. Now in this dream I am always with a family member in a car, and out of some circumstance we wind up in a storm or near a creek/river/lake. And we wind up having the car submerged in water, but on one occasion it was black water and I couldn't see anything. But it feels so real, and to have a dream like that is odd, because as much as any sane person would be scared if their car wound up in water while they were in it, I know I could handle the situation calmly providing I had the right tool. Now I don't know why this is so just didn't know if anyone had any thoughts on that.
stormchazer stormchazer
18-21, M
Jun 17, 2007