i Don't understandmy bf. 1st he tells me that he loves me and then he wants me to leave him alone that he has enough problems and that he doesnt need me to complicate he's life some more. He said that they were his problems and i had no right to interfere. I asked him what was wrong and he yelled at me. then i yelled at him back and told him if he wanted to be alone then he can stay alone. we haven't spoken in 2 weeks. but was that and official break up? Or do I just give him the time he needs?
starfire043 starfire043
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1 Response Jul 1, 2007

Hmm, if he continues to act like that you should carefully think through whether he deserves you or not. It is hard for me (or anyone who hasn't had an acquaintanceship with you or your bf) to answer your question. The answer should lie inside you; spend some time thinking about it :) If you still love him a lot, then you might want to give him some time... I don't want you to get hurt, and I know that you don't want to hurt him either. It must be a tough situation for you. Good luck in any case ! :D