i am a 17 year old girl who is confused, i like guys but for some reason i keep questioning that i am a lesbian. i really don't even know why.i mean, no offense to lesbians, but i don't want to be one and i dont like girls but i think for that reason (that i dont want to) that my mind keeps tricking me. i did have two boyfirneds but i seemed to like hte attention that i was getting from my other school friends becuas ei had that boyfirned. i have been in love for two years but not anymore. the thing that really confuses me is that i have liked guys but my firends will be walking down the street drooling over some guy and ill be like yea hes hot i guess. like i dont flip over some guys and i feel like that is wrong. also sometimes ill think about my friends who are girls and immediatly stop what i am thinking in my mind becasue i am digusted but hwy was i thinking it in the first place? and when i get in a relationshoip with a guy i get awkward but i keep thinking well i wouldnt be this awkward with a girl. is that just cuase my good friends are girls and becuase we are friends i know how to act? or am i a lesbian? i really need help im getting so upset over this. what do i do?
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I feel like this too sometimes. I think freedom is partially right, that sometimes we think things and keep replaying it. sometimes i think, i must be a lesbian, but then i realize im just saying that to say it. ive slept with guys, been in love, still kind of am, and i am very much attracted to some guys, but thats been decreasing a bit. sometimes i look at a girl and think what it would be like. but it disgusts me too. i think part of it is that girls understand each other, and thats what i want, someone who understands me. i dont think im bi, and not really lesbian. i just think i feel attracted to girls sometimes also. i just start to wonder. maybe its the same way for you? i dont know... but if you want to talk, just let me know i guess.<br />
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oh my god, wait, that last bit was not me coming on to you, just so you know. i just got terrified that it might be interpreted as that, but i was just letting you know that i know how you feel and wouldn't mind talking about it. lol yeah...