I need to know more about psychotherapy/psychoanalysis by someone who has gone through this or knows about it from experience.


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I guess I cant explain myself in the correct way but I do appreciate your help in answering my questions.

I went through all of this without a physical therapist for the past 3+ years and I now started seeing a physical therapist for now 3 weeks. Although I talk about what my as you call "enlightenment" has brought up, the year or so of the confusion in my mind prior to all of this enlightenment was the weirdest and more uncomfortable part of it all.

Its a bit overwhelming how this all comes together because with my very little knowledge of psychology it is very unlikely that I can come up with all of these interpretations of my behavioral patters from childhood to present day all from a psychological perspective.

Isn't self actualization just becoming more aware of yourself and who you are. How does it tie in making sense of things from a psychological perspective?

dubiousone ... you sound like you know what your talking about . props to ya

I have recently started therapy with a psycho dynamic therapist because I have come to alot of realizations and or epiphany lately.

But I know one has to go through psycho analysis, and my life has become so complicated after a sudden feeling of everything I do is being analyzed and looked at.

I dont know if its just a feeling but its soo weird, scary and yet I am still enlightened by it.

I wish I could explain better but I am so unsure of what I am feeling because everyone tells me something different.

I felt as though my life went through some sort of analysis. Recalling memories from my childhood to present day that I could not have possible done on my own.

Its not the same as self discovery. I did that on my own and it wasn't the same felling.

How do I know if I have been or is going through psychotherapy/psychoanalysis

I have been going through some strange turns in my life.

Although no therapy I feel as though I have gone through some therapy on my own and no one will tell me anything.

Is it even possible to go through this and not know that its happening ?