So.... Recently I have meet this new guy, he treats me amazing. I am full on head over heels for this boy, even taken him to meet my son! We both have a history with drugs, but from the day I met him we were both straight as hell. I'm just worried things are changing... I'm worried that he won't be able to let the drugs and his old accociates go. I'm worried that he will put that life before me. I'm worried that I've fallen for someone who may not be good enough for me or what I want for my son. I thought our relationship was built on trust until he lied to me the other day (over something so stupid). He does treat me like a queen and is always conscious of my feelings etc, but im starting to worry. Having doubts. I don't like it. Feeling confused as I am in love and don't want to leave, but also don't want to wait til he does something and I have to leave....
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If you spend all your time worrying, I'd be questioning if this is a relationship that's good for me. It should leave you better off than being without him.