Hello, My name is Buya. I`m 23 years old single guy and doing my own business in IT field so successfully. Recently people noticed me as well. Usually I was the only one who around myself. But I have had some online friends. Most of them are female and we were discuss about many many topics. One of them is my best friend`s girl friend who is with him about 5 years. I have no interest about her also those online friends. I see them as my younger sister like. But she send me mail about her crush on me. So I was so worried about her.
At first me and her bf are friends since elementary school he was the only person who I can rely on. And he is the only person I personally met with. He is very good guy. I smell humanity from him. But me and him are so busy normally we don`t meet daily or usually. Even that we know that we still have best friendship. When he needs some help I was there for, and also he is for me too.
Second. She is my friend like normal friend. I don`t have any other feelings for her. I know she is a female but I never saw her as woman. Also she is my best friend`s girl friend who has been with him 5 years.
When first time I receive letter from her I felt he is trying to messing around me. Because I have been single for years. And I think this couples are joking and messing about me. But second, third ... letters come by I start doubt about what I was thinking. It is really hard for me to see them now. So what should I do?
Should I try to talk with her and tell what I`m thinking?
Should I tell what happened to him?
I don`t know...
booyahgg booyahgg
26-30, M
Aug 22, 2014