I am not sure if I am bisexual now. I just start to find boys shallow and irksome.but I have no romantic interest in girls. I have found two of my girl friends attractive,devoid of affection though. Please dont post distasteful comments.thanks
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I think that can be quite common, especially if you made some bad experiences before.
Also i found that quite many posted things like "i feel uncomfortable around people my own age, i prefer older people as they handle things differently, see them in different ways, care more for people around them"
So maybe this is somewhat connected. So instead of turning to the older ones, you may have decide to check out the other gender, to maybe see how they behave, or if they are just as shallow. Who knows.

I for sure don't think it is unusual. Growing up and finding your own place can sometimes be quite a challenge.

it is quite strange because the girls I find attractive were resembling to my first crush in high school in a certain way... I am no longer confused, this was a very ancient post lol

Oh lol.. my bad :) - i should have looked at the date.. i thought you may be new around here and all posts are of a newer date :)

Right there with honey, most men are pigs

It's kinda normal to find someone of the same gender attractive looking I mean if not sexually it's common

Oh okay. I thought i was being strange