I Dont Know What Is Going On

hi im ben and i am in a relationship wea everything i do is precieved as negative
i have been with my girlfriend now for almost 2 years and we have done
a lot together but now everything i say and do is precieved by her in a negative way
and i cant take it any more. i do love her incredibly but i cant take the negative-ness
from her anymore.
when i simply suggest something to her and it is taken in a negative way and we end
up having an argument it is horrible. she makes me feel like a monster when all i was doing was saying something innocent.
i am begining to hate myself.
i know i sould get out of this relationship but i love her.
does anyone else feel like this or is it only me?
eljacks eljacks
22-25, M
1 Response Sep 10, 2007

It is the most difficult thing to leave a relationship when there is love. It is often hard to differentiate yourself from the one that you love and to remember what is good and valuable about yourself and to ultimately decide whether this is the life you are willing to fight and struggle for.