what go on inside you guys' heads?? like seriously, i need someone to answer this question....guys..theres an attractive girl who is smart and dont really liike you but will date you for some odd reason and a not so attractive girl who likes you. my question is why is that  you're going to chose the attractive one who's using you? (im not saying all will)

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Honest answer, shallowness. But not all men are like this, you will find someone who loves you for you. Beauty isn't just the outside. The sooner people understand that, the better.

Glad I could remind you??? lol

Lol, that was about 10 months ago when I posted this and my views have changed greatly. I've realized every boy (excuse me I mean male) :) is different. I know what you mean though, yes a male won't be attracted to this nerdy girl (lifes not a movie) just because her personality is great. I mean it's the same for females also. it's confusing but I've realized that when you're searching for love, you're looking for looks and personality, but when you're not and that special someone comes in you're life then none of that matters. so it's not that males only look for those things, I was wrong. (I seriously forgot I posted this until u commented on this lol)

Okay lets get something situated first. Let me give the kudos to those who said males and females and not men. (to me a man is what a woman wants when he's not hes just a boy or if he's looking to better himself a young man) Now... its not always about the looks that gets a real man to go to a woman... maybe what that more attractive woman has over the lesser one is that she's confident in herself. I don't know about other males but I consider myself a young man (still growing you know) and to me a woman with CONFIDENCE will take more precedence over me than anything else... and trust me its happed. A female that I never had an inkling at all for started talking with me an in those few moments when I saw how confident in herself that she was (this has happened twice in my life just so you know; not happened with me since which sucks) I began to have a major interest in her... she was very far from my usually type as well. Now at the same time i will say this weather you be male or female. you CANNOT date someone you have no Physical attraction to... now don't get me wrong I'm not talking about sexual but physical he has a nice body she has a nice body kinda physical. Sex can be overruled when it comes to body in a sense... lol we've all had that desperate moment or thought before pulling out at the last min. lol

male guys think the same about girls??

In such situations most men are level-headed. But those who choose good looks suffer a temporary mental blockade. Once satisfied with that crush, they come back to senses. Then it is the smart girl who may be unable to compete with the other physical beauty. I guess there is something in the male genetics.

yea thanx, you are probably right about sexually attractiveness . men just dont usually admit to it though.....