Hello, Where's Everyone

I was recently released from a relatively short stint in prison ,which of course changed my life in all the expected ways, such as loss of all material things . But the biggest mystery to me is all of my friends and family ,going missing in action.While i was in i was fortunate enough to  have planed a little and had  some cash from a 15yr. job ,but i received very little mail and was met with almost hostility when i acted like i expected  something . I was a single parent  but both daughters were of age before i was locked up, but considering i lived my life thinking everything i did was for my kids  the feeling isn't returned and that baffles me. I eventually had to let it go after so may unanswered letters .So I get out about a month ago and I realize that I don't know anyone  I lived with a bottle for so long that I don't know my kids or my family and I don't really like any of my old friends ,and worse they don't know me either. I'am seeing the jail part was the easy part. So here I am listening to  the chi-lites singing write a letter to myself, while i write a letter basically to myself!

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Sometimes it takes something big for us to realize all those people we hung out with "really" aren't are friends. Then it's time to make new ones as we have now arrived at a new place in our lives. That is what I've had to do.<br />
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My story: http://www.wifetellsall.blogspot.com<br />
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It took me a very long time to get to know me, the me I want to be and then to plan my life accordingly and I'm still doing that. I finally love who I am now and now I am trying to surround myself with people who live the me I have become and will help me on my journey.<br />
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My husband is an alcoholic, hopefully he won't have to go to prison to experience a life changing moment for him to realize that he needs to change his ways so he can be really happy and enjoy his life more.

That is a really interesting but sad tale there. I hope things start to look up for you. Hopefully your friends and family will eventually open up a bit more. <br />
I'm a bit of an change-lover and was raised on hollywood, but I guess I could say that you could look at it all as a completely fresh start?

you poor thing! that makes me sad. my brother just got sent to prison. i write him at least once a week. he says that a lot of the men don't get letters! <br />
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i think that it is so easy for an otherwise good person to slip and make a bad choice. i wish that people would accept that you have served your time and not judge you over it. it's enough that you went to prison.