She's My Cousin,what Should I Do?

It all started that I was online and I felt so boring when I saw my female cousin was online as well.I just wanted to find someone to talk to and I sent her a message.She replied in no time and she said she was willing to have a chat with me.

We are very open and we shared almost everything with each other.I don't know why we talked about sex,maybe both of us were just curious about that .I asked her that how she felt when she mastur****.She said that she had never mastur**** yet.She had tried to do that once but she couldn't get high.I asked her whether I could help her .I was so scared,but to my surprise ,she said ok.

One day she was in my house and my parents were out,we started to do that.I was so scared and nervous though I'm a 18 yrs old man.In fact ,I had never seen any girl naked in real life.I didn't know what to do,I just learned something from **** videos,it was hard to do than to speak.I told myself to be brave and to kiss her first.I was a loser when my lips was on her face.She was nervous too.But she told me that she could do that.She asked me to lie on my back and then she sat on my body with her legs separeting.She held my face and gave me a french kiss.I felt my body burning at that time.Me and she just kissed.I enjoyed licking her tongue as well as her lips.I was hot ,I asked her whether I could undo her clothes and she agreed.She was naked and she was really beautiful and sexy.All I want was just to kiss her body with my love.I licked her breasts , touched her body and asked her how she felt.Then I moved my fingers to her pu**y and rubbed there generally.She felt somewhat painful because she is a virgin,so I turned to use my tongue to give her more.I kissed her pu**y and licked her there with joy and excitement.Her pu**y was wet and she moaned.She said she was feeling good.I was very horny.At last ,she did han***b and blow**b for me,I was fuc***g high.When it was night,we didnt sleep all night long  but kissing,licking and talking.

Today I met her again.She said she wanted that and she kissed me but I refused .I 'm confused now and a bit guilty.I want that know it's good for a man,but she's my cousin,what should I do?????????

dominic0110 dominic0110
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 15, 2010

damn.... that would suck, well i have kissed, my niece, and **** you people who are going to say im a pedo because she's older than I AM! Im 18 shes 19, some wierd way shes my niece, but i only kissed, i dont think i would ever let myself go as far as you did, that could cause some major psychological repurcussions in both of you. So Id say you both talk it out and fix what you mightve busted. Just get closure