We're Getting Married...now What?

Maybe that's not the right title for this...because it makes me sound unenthusiastic about marrying Cody. Which is the exact opposite, I couldn't be more anxious about anything and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him! However, he presented the idea of instead of waiting and planning for a year, which would result in us still being seperated because of him being in the Marines, why not go get our marriage license in a month and be married then so we can just live together!! Yay sounds all bright and promising at first...but when I thought about it, although I would love to cut the seperation short and just be with him already, I also am the typical girl who has "THE WEDDING" the way she wants it already in her brain...This being said, do I make a sacrifice to be with the man I so adore? Or do we tough it out for about another year and have the most amazing wedding day every then go home to a new house together? It just seems to me it'd be so ... awkward if we were married NEXT MONTH with no big ceremony. So what, we go get a house, start a life, plan a wedding, pack our stuff together one random week and go have a ceremony in front of people who already know we're married, then go back home?? Just doesn't seem that appealing to me if I'm being honest with myself.

Ah the military life...I love being consantly faced with decisions that almost cause me a brain anurism every time I need to make one!! It's fantastic for sure...but I love the Marine with all I have and I guess will suck it up for him too :) Any opinions?

                                                                                                                                                                                      Semper Fi, Ashley

usmcbell usmcbell
18-21, F
Feb 23, 2010