I May No Longer Be Proud Of My People

the first thing i have to say is that i am very saddened by how my people treat mental ailments, for one it is seen as you being over taken by evil more then you just being sick. My people are strict beyond reason and lock themselves within their community more then they try to learn about other people's community. There is to much of a "keep to your own kind" going on with my community that just brakes my heart. My family went crazy when i told them about my last boyfriend just because he was not Congolese, he was African yes but just not Congolese. I want to say we but i am way to tempted to say them but right now i'll just say that my people are way to closed minded. I am proud that the music still makes my body want to dance until i can no longer move and the food is always my first choice. I also can still speak the language and i do know a lot of the inside jokes so that gives me a lot of pride but even that pride is slowly slipping away.
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

No culture or traditions is perfect, it's all to do with how people are brought up. Personally i hate the fact that americans get to send their parents in elder's homes instead of caring for them like they cared for you. BUT not everyone does it, so regarding you opinion on congolese people, not all of us are like that. people are different! just because what you see from certain people is that way, doesn't mean that everyone is like that.