Stop Looking At Me.

I think i am overly overly conscious about my weight because of child experiences, even though i am only 16.
I know they are little comments but they stuck to me.
1. I think i must have been 7-8 when my cousin asked me if i had a pillow under my shirt.
2.At a school event again around the same age, there were buns on a table for people to eat. I went to get two buns and my friend's guardian said "Don't think you need anymore of that"
3. Not so long ago my granny said to my ma that i have 'well mended'. That means i gotten fat by the way.

I know they probably seem stupid to you, but they are there in my mind.
I wish i didn't think about how many calories are in whatever i eat.
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Thank you azndolly :) ^

i think almost everyone is conscious of their weight maybe not a lot but at least a little bit.. i think you're not happy right now but you're allowing people to let you feel that way you have to look in the mirror and think "do i like what i see?" if you don't like it then change it it's really easy but change for YOU don't do it for other people.. basically to lose weight it's not really about what you eat but how much you eat so even if you eat a small bowl of icecream most days of the week as long as the other things you eat in the day are healthy and are in small portions and you're doing things like walking about or shopping whatever so that you're burning those calories you'll lose weight but not as quickly as someone who does at least 30 mins exercise a day and basically eats nothing but salads.. also fizzy drinks i used to love coke and pepsi but it kinda gives you too much of a sugar rush so i started to get into drinking water by drinking fizzy flavoured water and then just flavored or just fizzy and now just normal bottled water.. although im not conscious of my weight if i felt like i was chubby or needed to lose some pounds that's what i'd do just cut down a little bit don't starve but if you have to eat alot then eat alot of healthy stuff don't eat fried food grill it instead etc and be happy with who you are because aside from all this nobodys perfect we're all flawed in some way