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I am an American conservative libertarian. My political philosophy is closely aligned with the United States Constitution and its Coda, the Federalist [Papers}. The US Constitution was a document that was brilliantly crafted to balance the concerns of Federalists, who sought a strong central government and the Anti-Federalists, who feared a European Aristocracy or Monarchy and therefore sought to form a confederation of weak states. Through the Constitution, the Founders created a form of limited Federal government that incorporated numerous checks and balances, within each of the major branches as well as across the three branches. It was a Representative Democracy that gave the citizens a great deal of power and influence over their elected representatives while acting to delay the tyranny of democracy in which the people continuously vote themselves greater and greater benefits, all at the expense of others.

Designed with two legislative bodies, a House of Representatives largely elected almost directly by their constituents and serving short terms, combined with a Senate that better represented the states than the electorate and serving long terms, the founders had created a legislature where competing interests and constituencies almost guaranteed that there would be little agreement between the two houses and therefore few bills passed by both. Further demonstrating its brilliance, the Constitution, and the subsequent Bill of Rights, sought to define and limit the powers that could be wielded by this Federal Government, and subsequently clarified that those powers not explicitly given to the Government, were reserved for the States and for the people.

I believe that the best government is the government that governs the least. Our Founders crafted a Government organization and a system of government that were designed to limit and constrain the power and scope of the Federal Government. Unfortunately, over time, as the Founders knew would happen, the creative energies of our Government have been used to find ways to pervert the intent of the founders. Our Supreme Court, never envisioned by the founders to serve the role it serves today, interpreted into the Constitution through "penumbras" and manipulation of words to mean other than what the founders intended, such as the Commerce Clause, thus greatly expanding the power, size, and reach of our Federal Government.

I believe that freedom means the freedom to succeed or to fail and that the choice is mine. Unfortunately, for reasons of guilt or in search of power, legislators and courts sought to ensure "social justice," they yearned to ensure guaranteed outcomes for selected special classes of citizens at the expense of others using the redress of prior wrongs as their excuse for bastardizing and circumventing the Law of our land as written in plain English in the Constitution and these same people, along with their spawn, seek to further corrupt our way of life today.

I believe in the liberty to do and say what I want so long as I do not infringe on the freedom or liberty of others. I accept that liberty means that others may make choices different from mine. Lest readers think I place all blame on the Democrats or the Democrat party, Republicans too have sought to usurp the power of the Federal Government to implement laws and restraints upon our liberty in the name of morality and family values -- legislating laws through our Federal Government that have no basis in the powers of the Constitution, such as limitations on gay marriage, polygamy, drugs, education, none of which are addressed in that greatest document of Government in the history of mankind.

I believe that Democracy, in all its forms, is the worst form of Government in human history – except all others.

The time has past for us all to recommit ourselves to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. It is beyond time for us to revert to the foundation of our Government and our way of life by cleansing our Government of the power it has usurped and cleansing our Federal laws of laws without firm foundation in the founding document. If we are to survive, we must stop spending on those things for which I Government has no Constitutional mandate.

The time is now to rededicate ourselves and our land to Freedom, Liberty, and personal responsibility
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Lickity. Thank you thank you thank you. I too am a conservative libertarian. Being a libertarian is a hard stance to make sometimes. I have learn to separate my moral beliefs from governmental issues At times. You gave us a definitive well thought out explanation of liberty. We must protect our constitutional rights as all costs. I've to re examine my views expressed n the ACLU and their role. I go against the tide and I go with my convictions. Not what a group tells me.

I would call you a Libertarian but not a Conservative and certainly not a Republican. "Conservatives" that I know want the government to be based on the Christian Bible.

No, I am sorry, but you are not correct. Within the Republican Party, there are several factions. Social Conservatives, also called Religious Conservatives, oppose social changes in our society and would prefer to have a Federal Government that is based far more on the principles of fundamental Christian thought than on the US Constitution. There are also libertarians, a strongly emerging group, who believe in personal freedom and minimum interference by the Federal Government in personal liberties. Another faction or group are those who believe in a strict interpretation of the US Constitution and that the Federal Government should only be allowed to exercise those powers that are explicitly enumerated in the Constitution and its ratified amendments. Then there can be considerable overlap of these groups by some.

Social conservatives are probably most associated with Mike Huckabee and at one time with Gerry Falwell. Libertarian Republicans are most closely associated with Ron Paul. Strict constructionist constitutionalists are perhaps best represented by Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, or Ronald Reagan.

I happen to be very pro-national security and defense, moderately conservative on fiscal and monetary policy, and libertarian on social issues. I am a Christian but I am also a rationalist and believe that our country has swung too far to anti-Christian policies, but I do not believe that fundamentalist or \"right wing\" Christian views or policies should be shoved down the throats of others who do not share those particular beliefs.

Many would probably consider me \"extreme\" in my support of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms with minimal constraint. I am VERY pro-military. I volunteered for military service during the Vietnam War when some of my friends were running off to Canada.

I think I will continue to consider myself a libertarian-conservative no matter who disagrees or why. I know who and what I am and my beliefs are internally consistent with my actions and my life.

Thanks for the time you put into this thoughtful reply. I did some investigation of the definition of Conservative and found the generally accepted definition is someone who wants to keep things the way they are or revert to some previous social order. I accept the fact that you might be conservative on many issues as you explained, but if you call yourself \"Conservative\" most people will assume that you are a social conservative which you clearly are not.

Cabernetfranc -- It has been my experience that only those on the left and the social conservatives themselves define conservatives to be only social conservatives. I have many friends of every \"conservative\" stripe, all of whom consider themselves to be conservative, including many who are not socially conservative.

Since I have only a few social conservative friends, you can see I am sure that many things can bias the point of view. I believe that liberals and progressives make that assumption because it either provides the easiest bogeyman at which they can throw rocks, or it is what the liberal/progressive media has told them to believe. The most accurate definition of conservative in the current American political context would be something like -- A conservatives believes in a Federal Government with limited powers as defined by the US Constitution, that individual rights are either \"God given,\" or given by \"Divine right.\" Conservatives tend to belong in many of the same things that were sought by the American Anti-Federalists during the drafting and ratification of the US Constitution. Conservatives tend to believe that the primary powers granted to the Federal Government by the Constitution are national security and defense, foreign relations, interstate commerce -- and little else.

As for the definition of a conservative, that too is not entirely correct in the context of today\'s politics in America. It may be a perfectly acceptable dictionary definition, but it is not an accurate definition of the political landscape. Using strictly the dictionary definition of the term liberal or the term progressive would equally lead you astray in the current political context.

Do you have the problem that Social Conservatives assume that you think as they do because you call yourself conservative?

I have looked at some of your other contributions and see that we may share a number of experiences. I was part of a Three-Letter-Agency for a number of years including a couple of tours in Vietnam under the umbrella of ComNavForV. I, however, did not find that the experience gave me any confidence in war as a solution to political problems. I assume that as a Marine in combat you could define the issues more clearly than we could in Saigon.

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wow. bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am right there with you brother!

One of the better posts I've run across... (where did ya steal it? ).. So I guess that makes you a fellow TEA Partier.... Adherence to the Constitution, a smaller government and a reduction in spending. Bill in Va.

To steal a phrase -- You Betcha!