Maybe In a Way...

I wouldn't normally consider myself to be conservative, as I'm really quite liberal.  Some might even consider my views to be a bit radical at times.

But despite all this, there are certain ways in which I'm much more conservative than most conservatives themselves.  I'm responsible, I rarely drink, I don't do drugs, I'm not promiscuous at all, etc.

I wouldn't usually think of these things as being particularly conservative, as they seem to come naturally to me; but when I'm around people my own age I realize how unusual I actually am, and it does make me feel extremely conservative compared to their drug use, random sex, and drunken parties that they can only remember half of.

So I don't know..maybe my views are liberal, but I act conservatively?  The way I am seems perfectly natural to me, but do I look like an odd, contradictory combination to others?  I'm not sure...  It makes it hard to find people like me, because it seems like so many are either all liberal or all conservative, or a combination of the two that's the opposite of me.

solarxmoon solarxmoon
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2008

in my humble opinion, it's the best sorts of people who don't fit easily into boxes ;)

I didn't mean politically conservative, and my examples weren't meant to be taken as a concrete definition of conservative vs. liberal. There are many ways to define the two terms.

yeah, I've never understood why things that are considered "liberal" or "conservative" are categorized in that way.