I Am Liberal

well, yes ... this is odd
I am actually a Liberal Believer. I have always been that way and I will always be. I fought for the political freedom of my country,and for my personal freedom. I believe that every person is FREE to do whatever he/she wants.
What makes me a conservative person is the fact that people went too far with their freedom. When I came here on EP and found all these people talking about sex, abortion, homosexuality, God, child abuse.... I found out that this is nothing but the last step before the hell. So I sticked to my beliefs and to my eastern moral and ethical values and took the conservative choice.

People are free to commit anything of these actions. they are free to sin as much as they want. BUT as a Conservative-Liberal Chritsian, I believe that they have exceed all the limits. they are hurting people around them, and people over the net. They are enough sassy to talk proudly how they rapped a child, or how they slept with a cat, or how they killed their kids. People are not humans anymore, they are ANIMALS who follow their instincts. They fear nothing, since they do not believe in GOD.

In front of this, all I can say is that their future wont be better than in Sodom and Gomorrah. They will burn if not in this world, in the next world where fairness controls and where GOD will take revenge for all these hurt people.

At the end, I will say that I will always be a Liberal person with my conservative ethics. There is no meaning for freedom when you hurt others.
RiseandFall RiseandFall 22-25, M 5 Responses Feb 11, 2011

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i'm liberal muslim and i totally agree with you . really beautiful article

I totaly agree with you RiseandFall.

I believe that one of the graces God gave me is that I was born a christian in a conservative liberal Syrian family.

You talked about values that help build a human with all the meanings of humanity.

not worth wasting my time on reading what you have wrote... Christians are not animals and we will never be... If you cannot accept that then shut up !

Some extremely 'educated' people at Stanford University began to gentrify the rugged country property west of the campus. The animals who were native to the land, born and raised there, began to starve because the building and domesticated cats and dogs of the professors scared off and/or killed the local rodent population. A mountain lion had given birth to 2 cubs, was starving and felt a need to feed and nourish her offspring, nature! A woman who had 2 children went jogging one day. The mountain lion mother saw the woman, pounced on her, killed her and ate her. By USA law any wild animal that kills and eats a human must be executed. The rangers found and shot dead the mountain lion. Her cubs, however, hadn't eaten human meat and so weren't executed. The local zoo agreed to build a new cage for the mountain lion cubs that couldn't survive in the wild without the protection, nourishment and education of their mother. The zoo needed financial donations because the new animals hadn't been expected or budgeted for. They put an ad in the local newspaper asking for donations. The bereaved family of the eaten woman happened to place a funeral notice asking people to send donations to their family in the same paper on the same day. The zoo received lots more money for the lion cubs, than the woman's family did to help them overcome her death.

You're free to believe instinct is inherently evil, or pretend you're morally superior to animals and other people but without nature's love and love of nature you resemble a cardboard box more than a human, let alone alone a conservative liberal 'Christian'.