In Defense Of Conservative Women Against Progressive Slander

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Here's a curious observation about Republican and Democrat women:
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I've noticed that, in general, among women active in politics in America, Republicans tend to wear more makeup and dress more fashionably than Democrat women. In short the Republican women tend to fit more the unsophisticated male's ideal of "sexiness" while the Democrat women come off more as people who think about things and want to get things of social value accomplished. What does this say about the social and moral standards of the two parties?

Posted by Leporid Mar 7th, 2011 at 10:33AM
The women who are attracted to the Democratic party tend to be liberal and also independent. They do not submit themselves to their mates as much as their Republican counterparts.
Conservative women are more likely to be religious, more willing to submitt themselves to home, husband, children then their liberal counterparts.
So the focus of a Liberal woman is being professional, competative and an equal to men. They may or may not care much how "pretty" they look.
Conservative woman are more into being part of something and their role is as a wife and mother. They don't compete as much with men and are very concerned with looks and being "attractive".

Just a huge generalization, but how I see it.

Reply by the author bxer999 Mar 7th, 2011 at 10:33AM
Agreed. It is going to be difficult to do away with the whole notion of women as sexual objects (as opposed to sexual beings). Liberal women (and many of the men) are helping to show the way. There's a lot of work to be done - especially now. A focus on sexuality and the promotion of obvious social stereotypes is not going to help.

My response :
Posted by conceptualclarity Mar 12th, 2011 at 12:57PM
Leoporid, I don't think it's a matter of conservative women are "more concerned with... being attractive." Rather, conservative women simply ARE more pretty and shapely than progressive women. Around 1998 in response to Clinton's ungracious comment about Kathleen Willey's anatomy, a feminist leader commented along the lines of "We feminists are all flat-chested." There is a logic to all of this. Empirical research has shown that progressives tend to be unhappy, envious, fatalistic, pessimistic people who marry less and get along with others poorly, while conservatives tend to be optimistic people with stronger interpersonal ties in family and religion and a more positive attitude toward their work lives. So one would expect less attractive people to end up on the political left. The left/right divide is a divide of temperament almost as much as anything else.

Bxer and Leporid are quite misguided in criticizing conservative women for keeping their appearance in good order. While feminist women tend to not get married or to treat husbands as to be discarded on their 4-year expiration date, conservative women tend to form lasting marriages. One important characteristic of people who love their mates is that they tend to be more motivated to maintain their health and weight and keep their personal appearance sharp, a benign and praiseworthy phenomenon, not something to be stigmatized. Leporid criticizes conservative women for being loyal and devoted to their families, in contrast to the feminists who raise out of wedlock children or children who are damaged greatly by the divorcing of their father. Which set of women is playing a more constructive role in regard to the next generation? The sociological research on divorce and illegitimacy's impacts is very clear.

Please knock off the delusion that conservative women aren't accomplishing plenty in the workplace.

The talk that American women are burdened by being regarded as "sexual objects" is ridiculous. It is American men who are the objects. If they don't serve the interests of women, they are castigated by liberals and by social conservatives like Fred Barnes alike. Men are judged by their wallet size even more than their penis size, all for the sake of meeting women's expectations. Men are told they have a "commitment problem"; there surely can be no problem of wedding ring-hungry women not demonstrating themselves to be sufficiently desirable or trustworthy for marriage. Most domestic violence is initiated by females, and the male will almost always be the one actually hauled off to jail. If feminists are grieved by the wanton display of flesh by others of their gender, they can't complain against "society." Women display themselves because they enjoy displaying themselves, as women all over EP forthrightly proclaim.

I conclude that the comparison of conservative and feminist women reflects well for the "the social and moral standards" of the right.
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" I just had to tell you that at least in my case it was my dad who did the abandoning so please stop with your generalizations." I sympathize with your family's suffering, Jane. But I am most certainly going to continue to vigorously speak out against the evil of spousal abandonment by women, because there is far more of it than spousal abandonment by men. And as a result, far more suffering is being caused by abandoning women than by abandoning men. <br />
<br />
The Bible condemns abandonment by spouses of both sexes. Malachi 2 is familiar. Provers 2:16-17 says : " To deliver you from the strange woman, from the adulteress who flatters with her words, that leaves the companion of her youth and forgets the covenant of her God." Jeremiah 3:20 says : ""Surely, as a woman treacherously departs from her lover, so you have dealt treacherously with Me, o house of Israel," declares the LORD."<br />
<br />
Today's American women are as far as I'm aware the most divorce-mad set of people in all human history. Even in the Muslim world where a man can divorce by saying "I divorce thee" three times, the divorce rate does not approach that of the US.<br />
<br />
The young men are being especially adversely affected by being raised by out-of-wedlock mothers and mothers who divorced their fathers. Young black men were the first to show these effects.

This is a great story, thank you for sharing it. What I have seen is exactly what you described. Men are treated badly and the women who do it get away with it because they are helpless women - pure BS. There needs to be a lot more awareness about this issue spread around.

It is appalling to me, that folks are discussing how attractive and how much makeup women in politics wear. What should be of concern are the political abilities and honest nature of female candidates on both sides.<br />
I will not condone this silly, childish argument by commenting further on the matter.<br />
I do need to tell you concept that it was my father who abandoned my mother and I, leaving us destitute and on welfare. I did not receive 1 cent of child support from the man until I was in my teens. For years I longed for any form of contact from the man, but he denied me all contact. If this rejection wasn't bad enough, imagine listening to your mother cry herself to bed every night? I know what it is like to wait in line at the food bank, the feeling of hopelessness and despair is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. While my mother and I barely had enough to eat at night my father was off screwing around, apparently still needing to sow some wild oats. He lived well as he no longer had the burden of providing for his family. I point this out to you, because I note how fond you are of blaming women and mothers for abandoning men and fathers. In my case my mother literally begged my father to stay, and I also need to tell you that she was a submissive wife and was extremely good to my father. Our experiences in life do shape our perceptions and judgements. I just had to tell you that at least in my case it was my dad who did the abandoning so please stop with your generalizations.

I am sure there are two sides to that story.