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In 2008, Obama won at least partially because of his dominance of social network messaging in places like EP. In 2012 we have to drown out the voice of liberals with the voice of reason.

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4 Responses Sep 24, 2011

Done. What more can I say other than ... you are right!

Did and will do. Yesterday I was reading the blogs following an article about the 'occupiers' and was pleasantly surprised by all backlash against them. For the most part those bloggers are dumb a**es who don't have 1/2 a clue. I was so proud at how knowledgeable most were. I kinda felt like a mama bird whose babies all learned to fly! (OK, I guess that's going a bit overboard, but you get my drift, I'm sure).


More and more people are falling by the wayside and wising up....only the hard corps Libs are hanging on because they have made such fools of themselves, and their adoration of the pretender, that they could never admit they were wrong. Have you ever seen a hard corps Lib ever admit they are wrong. It is not in their genes.