Favorite Quote Of The Day.

I opened my email from a very dear friend of mine this morning in which she rattled off the following hilarious and potentially frighteningly accurate portrayal of what the future holds for Americans should the liberal agenda go forward as planned:

"Dear Slave: you are almost 40 and have given birth to 3 humans which this planet simply cannot afford.   Our records show you have had a good life.  We have determined to place you in hospice in lieu of these costly beta blockers you have been taking.   We at the government take pride in what we do and our close monitoring of your life corroborates our decision.   Your mandatory physician has been notified and will update your chip implant at your entry to our government run hospice facility." - E. Fagan

.. And liberals think they have the market cornered on wit and satire. Once again, they're wrong. ;)

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3 Responses Mar 27, 2012

I am a conservative and sometimes have discussions with my liberal neighbors. We are good friends and can keep things rational and respectful. Most liberals I encounter (non-politician, non-pundit), genuinely believe in helping other people. I recognize the nobility in that. I always try to explain the free markets are the best way to help people.

It is not the redistribution of wealth but the devolution of power that will make the population more prosperous.

Very funny and very scary.

I so wish that the rest of America could understand that when they empower government to force their ideas on all Americans, it is only a matter of time until they themselves are forced to lay aside something they hold dear in order to conform -- or else.<br />
<br />
I'll never understand the liberal mindset, and frankly, much as I like to try by way of listening to and reading their thoughts, I have to say that even when I do begin to see where they're coming from, it is nowhere good.