Help Us Persuade Atri To Stay

One of our best conservative contributors on EP, Atri (formerly Visualone), is planning on leaving EP by Monday. This month her car was recently hit and totaled by an illegal alien running a red light. (Far too many of them are crappy drivers, have you not noticed?) She suffered a broken elbow and broken foot and bleeding in the brain. She still gets really bad headaches.

Atri's patience with EP has run out because of EP Support's failure to resolve technical problems with her account.

Atri is very intelligent , a wonderful friend, and has been a thorn in the side of EP's liberals, who are not accustomed to having their echo chamber disrupted. 

Please join this group I created at Please subscribe, write a story, and let Atri know you want her to stay.



conceptualclarity conceptualclarity
51-55, M
May 24, 2012