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I believe Obama is trying to wreck this country and take it down a rabbit hole like Greece, and France, and Spain. To make us into a government that rules over us and not by us.
Andrew Willow on Sirius radio has a saying" Socialism is for the people, not the socialist". Which is what Obama believes that he will never have to be in the trenches with the peope that he enslaves with his policies , but he will be up on his mound watching the hardships of the working class thinking of how much more can he take of our bounty and hard work keeping everyone inline and giving a little here and there to keep most of us quid pro cro. He needs to be voted out or if that don't happen, he has to be impeached. God help us all in this endeavor.
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Did you see what Ben Bernanke is doing? QE3 is upon us. -___-

I know. Bernanke needs to be fired, but he's trying to save Obama's butt by trying to make people not think of how bad he has done at his job, and maybe make a few jobs by doing this although it won't help just like QE1 and 2 didn't work. The Head Idiot in Charge is in panic mode and trying anything in their playbook that might work, but it won't. Their playbook has no new ideas and they won't cut tax rates as that is against their socialist religion and marxist view in life. The government is the all mighty and we are to give to the machine to keep feeding the needs of others who don't work. Remember: Socialism is for the people, not the socialist. -Andrew Wilkow

Amen to that!