Education And Art

Despite being a conservative, I often enjoy hanging out at venues dominated by more liberal types (art galleries, the symphony, coffee shops, etc.).

In considering it, I think this is true for two reasons.

First, I enjoy the life of the mind. Intelligent liberals are simply more easy to talk with, despite disagreements. I chalk this up, to some extent, to the conservative mentality, which takes so many things as "given", and therefore, unnecessary to discuss. However, finding myself on the wrong end of so many arguments from liberals, I have concluded that it is IMPERATIVE that conservatives educate ourselves. To that end, I highly recommend the following writers, both accessible and more impenetrable, for conservatives to read:

1. Edmund Burke
2. Russell Kirk
3. Friedrich Hayek
4. Pope Benedict XVI
5. Eric Voegelin
6. Christopher Dawson
7. Christopher Lasch
8. Thomas Sowell
9. The Federalist Papers
10. Richard Weaver
11. Irving Babbitt
12. Claes Ryn
13. Michael Oakeshott
14. G.K. Chesterton
15. C.S. Lewis

These are only a small sampling of writers from across time and genre whom conservatives would do well to read and attempt to understand.

Second, conservatives have for too long neglected arts such as painting, poetry, music, and related arts. We have abandoned the field to the Left. Therefore, as I enjoy these arts, I find myself surrounded by liberals as a matter of course. It is high time that we educated ourselves, our children, and our students in matters of Art.
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Sep 18, 2012