Where We Stand

We came to this country to escape persecution and oppression. Yet here we are 232 years later being persecuted for our beliefs and even on the verge of oppression by our own government and special interest groups all this while the Muslim religion thrives. First thru assimilation, we're marrying our daughters at an alarming rate to Muslim men where changing their religion is not an option. They must convert. Their men are not lazy and understand that wealth is the way to attain a status in their community, our men are for the most part lazy and more often what ever financial gain is made has been thru gambling, stealing or cheating. No one turns their nose up at a sheep herder in their community, but we're always ready, willing and able to denounce any job that we think is beneath us opting to stay unemployed with government assistance or just straight living off someone else sweat like family or friends. It is time that we accept a few facts, our country, government even our laws are all based on religion and the christian religion, we are not in a position to choose reject or strike down any law just because it does not fit our present lifestyle. It is for this very action that we are presently lost and our government is poised to keep us in despair. We are Rome and the mob rules. At this present time our government and it's saplings are hell bent on making the rest of us pay for the lifestyles of others all this while taking the one thing that has always held this country together our faith in our religion. We are always hearing about the evil rich, and how they got wealthy off our backs. Well I have never seen any president surrounding himself with poor people. There are two words I would like you to become familiar with, first the wealthy or so called rich second the elite. What is the meaning of elite, a group or class comprised of the wealthiest persons exercising authority within a larger group like the government. We've got it all wrong, the rich became rich in the public forum, elitist became rich with the help of lobbyists, special interest groups and defined organizations such as unions. So tell me who serves your greater interest because at the end of the day the rich man can become a poor man overnight. The elite on the other hand well his wealth is so vast, his network so strong that he continues to thrive. Ever wonder how carrier politicians became so wealthy, how someone who has never held a public job became a millionaire. These are our law makers the politicians that have no regard for the laws they make or for the religious implications of their actions. Their only job is to make us dependent upon them for our very needs and to stamp away all hope by denying us our religious rights under the very laws our forefathers wrote. Now they're even pondering these so called antiquated laws saying they have no relevance in modern society. We will loose our souls if we don't turn this assault on Christianity and reclaim our rights under these very laws. Please remember that these are the opinions of a simple man in a not so simple world, I'm not rich I work 60 plus hours a week to put food on my table and provide shelter for my family. In fact I'm not any different than most of the hard working people in this country today whether man or woman. I'm just tired of all the lies and the abilities that our government affords those who will not do for themselves always opting to live their lives on our backs. It's time get off the couch, step off the sidelines you have more power that you might think. It's time we rise and held our countrymen accountable. State by State and onward to our Federal government. If it's a fight they want then let's bring them fight they never expected not with bullets but with our votes, our right to impeach and the use of the laws that are still standing, If a law was passed without due process strike it down in our state governments. States can pass the right kind of laws to deal with the inadequacies of our Federal government, You want State assistance you must qualify this means routine drug tests, special inquiries, vocational training, everyone in your home that is of age must hold a job, if you can't find a job in your related field take one that will bring you some relative kind of income, live within your means. As for the states quit hindering your population, telling someone to sell their car or to move into a crime riddled ghetto before you will provide assistance is unacceptable. Network you system of assistance with other States to make it easier for families to find better opportunities for work. Setup an identification network to allow beneficiaries access to benefits in the system faster and to reduce fraud with in the system. Did you know that having an identification system would streamline the red tape and countless paperwork needed for assistance. You can also monitor the progress of applicants to see what is working and what is not. This searches out the lifers those who do not improve or keep loosing their jobs because of related character traits It all starts with infrastructure, special interest groups need not apply. This will not hinder someones right to assistance nor will it mean that big brother is watching. Quit inflicting fear into the population. Lastly anyone under government assistance can not join a union because the government is helping you and whatever money you make must go to your household not union fees this defeats the whole process of assistance.
Even felons can be under this program, can you imagine just how hard it must be for a felon who has already settle his debt to society to stream back into society? All of the above should apply, I can guarantee that this would cut down on repeat offenders building a foundation for assistance and retraining which will steer away potential felons from going back to a life of crime. It starts with us cut the head of the snake and it will wither, this would even identify those in the system who are unwilling to change making it easier for the state to intervene on the behalf of the population with training and social evaluation programs that may help those individuals. All of this my sound too aggressive to some but the reality is that our system of government was never designed to be society's bread basket and certainly not to be a job creator, having people under this assistance system allows them to build personal confidence a level of self worth and unrestricted choices as to how they live their lives eventually leading to independence from the system. If they make money they spend money which will create more jobs thru demand of products and services they will come to afford. As for heath insurance, open the state lines to allow competition between competitors. Create a standard for qualification for all companies to do business in the state. With our overwhelmed care system, just reviewing records could tell what the most common issues are that need attention. And what the markers are for each area or state from obesity to heart conditions or even preventive care for women. The markers will be an indicator as to what is needed. Also dental and vision should be included, these are programs that need reviewing because they are at an impasse. It seems to be that the only options are the worse options which carry costs that are unrealistic. YES the state can monitor in partnership with physicians what is needed in a healthcare option and then make those recommendations to all insurance companies. Do not subsidize this is not an option if we're to stimulate the economy of the state. We have three classes of citizens the healthy the sick and those with preexisting conditions. Why would anyone in their right mind charge a one price covers all when in reality not all coverage needs to be the same. It is not unfair to charge less for a healthy person and more for a sickly person, it is not about fairness it's about affordability. So often we get caught on the it's not fair side of this issue that we can not even deal with the issue at hand which is how does a person pay for coverage and how does the state fit into the assistance side of the issue. As I said before, our system of government was never setup to provide medical assistance to it's population. Although it is an issue that at this moment we can ill afford to ignore. If you look at the Sandy victims, Katrina victims the Sandy hook victims it is quite clear that our Federal government is ill equipped to handle these kind of issues and often cant even agree on what the best course may be. So why do we continue to expect solutions and assistance from such an inept body of government. So real it back to the states and let's roll back our sleeves and get to work on all these issues. As for the religion part of this segment it is only in our faith that we can summon the strength to make the changes needed and the tough decisions needed to take our lives back. Special interest groups have no place in the spiritual values of government and how it may interpret the law which by the way was written with those spiritual values in mind. If so we would only elect atheists to our government seats. If one man can think of all these solutions can you imagine how many solutions a state can bring. As I can see the only reason why anyone would be against these suggestions is if they have something to gain or loose which is contrary to what the country needs. There is no better argument.
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Feb 7, 2013