Knowing Your Religion

So as far as I can tell, Jesus called for free will of faith and for conversion to Christianity thru the acceptance of God. All while promoting tolerance and good will. This came to be almost 600 years before Mohamed the prophet. Mohamed on the other hand, called for his followers to convert as the option between life and death. Convert or be killed, all this at a time when religions were being reshaped thru out the world. Even Christianity had its hands bathed in blood with the crusade. It would seem that something as pure as faith would be tarnished by man. First men would make religion a man's religion, ousting women altogether. This was followed by the removal of certain key scripture books that did not fit the new format of a man's Christianity. After so many years I am amazed how the truth finally begins to seep out of the darkness to show us the true meaning of faith and religion. Christianity was never meant to be at a house of worship away from the true house of worship our homes. But with the creation of named religions, far too many to list. It would seem that religion had found a home at last. Over the centuries there has been more blood spilled over religion or religious belief. Now in reading this you might say, he's just another atheist. This could not be further from the truth, The fact is that I am a christian and I do have faith. It’s just that with Christianity under attack and the rise of the Muslim religion, one may wonder are we about to reshape religion once again? Sure Christianity may not be a perfect religion but it's true calling has always been one of tolerance and forgiveness. So why is there such an attack in this one religion when the other option is the Muslim religion. It is because society has changed, we have become far more violent that ever, we're selfish and in all honesty far too many of us are willing to inflict harm upon our fellow man if we think they've done us wrong or if there is something we can benefit from someones demise. The fact is that we're about right for the picking, we see women as objects of possession. We beat them, abuse them and when it suits us even kill them. The same stands with or children. We have such a disregard for our children that we knowingly abort pregnancies knowing what we have truly done and passing it off as an inconvenience and are upset over the money we had to spend to terminate that birth. There I said it, because abortion is a word used to take away the sin. Do you think that when commercial and military institutions use the phrase “Abort the mission” that they meant abort the birth. Did you know that when they aborted a mission it was usually because of prominent harm or evident death to the parties involved. The phrase was never meant to be a choice between lifestyle and responsibility. The Muslim religion is offering men more control over their domain, can you imagine a world where killing your wife or even your children was acceptable as long as you are a Muslim. Where if your fellow man was not a Muslim you can kill them with the premise the the Qur'an told you so. For 1400 years this has been the unwavering status of this religion, and in that time Christianity has changed many times over. False prophets, Cult fanatics, catholic priests who prey on children. We've even stood by while other countries did their best to eliminate Christianity thru ethnic cleansing. So it's no wonder that Christianity is on the ropes, and if we don't change some of the aspects of our faith Christianity will cease to exist. Some aspects of the government have already begun to close the doors to Christianity with their campaign of separation of Church and State. All while demanding that the doors be open to the Muslim religion and the acceptance of Sharia law. Did we forget that this country was founded in our religious beliefs and that most of the laws were written with the morals of religion in it's own passages.
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Read my article about Islam. We have three choices. The one that President Osama ( I didn't spell that wrong ) is using now will create millions of American casualties.
One doctrine of Islam is the fact that they can lie and create deception, in order to promote their religion. Most "liberals'' aren't aware of this. They think Islam is just a cool, hip, religion, which is better than Christianity. Yes, those A-rabs will hold hands with the homos,and sing Kumbaya with them, in order to win them over. But, when Islamic law takes over, those with all the cool, hip, "lifestyles" will be put to death!