I am very politically conservative and not politically correct. I am able to distinguish BS from the real issues at hand.
Yes, I am a nudist at home and is not a big deal. What I do behind closed doors or fences, is my business and not yours. This fact that I am a nudist does not change my mind politically at all ever on whom I am voting for.
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Good for you. And what you do in private is no one's business but yours.

Is Ted just a bit too much for you now that he has thrown his hat in the ring. Went to Harvard law but did a great deal of work for the NRA before he went into the US Senate.

I like your statement, I wish there were more like you. I've been a conservative and a nudist all of my life, and I love it.

They can stick political correctness, it's ruining this country. A few years down the road we will be just like Western Europe.

Welcome to the club.

Y'know, there was someone on here recently that quoted some scientist who feels conservative's are more racist than libs. I attempted to debate him but, as usual, he felt he couldn't be anymore correct than me.
You've reminded me that we don't give into the political correctness. We don't walk on eggshells worrying how everyone is supposed to feel. I'm not racist but I will laugh at Chris Rock if I choose to. Even though I'm a creepy *** cracker.

Thanks for your viewpoint. You can shove that political correctness and shove it back in the Democrats face.