I have been voting Republican since I was 18. I come from a very conservative family. I will never vote for any democratic candidate. I have given large sums of money to GOP candidates and have campaigned for them too.
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I was able to vote for president last election for the first time. Although he wasn't my favorite candidate I did vote for Romney. Right now I like Ted Cruz.

Why blindly follow someone because they claim to be republican or democrat? Why is voting party lines more important than voting on issues? Why not let be led to doing "the right thing" or "the best thing for all" by listening to the issues and listening to realistic detailed plans to obtain the desired outcome for each issue. Politics are also based on supply and demand - if Americans do not demand elected officials to achieve desired results on issues there will be non. No demand- no supply.

Thanks for your opinion. I will always vote a straight Republican ticket. The Republicans I vote for are all about the issues and portray their ideas as to fixing the problems as I want my President to be and not a wimp like Carter, Clinton, and Obama. I listen very carefully to all candidates. I will never democratic because I am tired of lies by this current President. The last 3 democratic Presidents were totally incompetent. Politics is not based on supply and demand. Playing politics is stupid by both parties.

Thanks and I totally agree with you wholeheartedly.

I am very glad you voted. I voted for Romney too. I like many of the Republican ticket possible candidates for President. I want to hear more from all of them before I make up my mind. Watch CPAC for more information on each of the candidate's possible run,

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Good girl, we need more like you.


Bless your heart!

but I did vote Republican

Good to hear. I did too.

nice im not old enough to vote but I never see me voting for a democrat either

Good to hear.