I'm a devout Christian and 100% conservative which is strange considering I'm bisexual ??
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It's not strange. I am a Christian, very conservative, but I crossdress. One's sexuality is not the ultimate decisive factor.

The church should NEVER judge you. We were at church Sunday and this very topic came up. The pastor mentioned we should just show love and not judge at all. We should not be the ones to judge others

right the bble tells us judge not least you b judged

OMG he never EVER said his church was judging him.. He was just making the point that he's bi and a conservative.

or u ignorant most christains would

Cant you follow a conversation. his post NEVER EVER said he was being judged by his church or other Cristian's. The whole point of his post was about the fact that he is a Conservative and bi. seriously you need to re-take reading and comprehension and not inject things into his post that are not there.

I think the Christian faith as a whole, more Protestant than say Catholicism, is gradually becoming more accepting or LGBT's

Like, when Pope Francis was asked about gays he said "who am I to judge?"

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Not strange at all. The government has no right poking its nose into peoples lives. Big government always wants to tell people how to live, what to eat, what they should believe or not believe. Liberals are the supporters of Big government. it's conservatives that believe in small goverment. I'm Christian, Conservative, Capitalist, a Nudist and I'm Bi.

no its prob his church that tells him hes weird not the government. makes me glad my church accepts everyone

he didn't say ANYTHING about church or the government or anybody for that matter saying he's weird. The point of his post was to point out he is bi and also a conservative to which I responded by explaining that its not at all odd to be both bi and a conservative.

actuall to b bi or gay and a conservative least were im from is unusual i was saying nothing wrong with it. im straight but im bdsm ppl would find it strange im also a very conservative person who attends a very traditional church as well but i do

not at all ur sexual preferences is something ur born with you cant help it no matter what ppl try to tell u different