I'm not talking about the political meaning of the word.

I probably used the wrong word. Too late I already created the group. I'm talking about the fact that I am concerned about not wasting water or electricity, recycling, driving a fuel efficient car, not driving at excessive speeds or rates of acceleration or breaking, walking instead if it's not that far, that whole thing.

Just wasting time for a few minutes. I know there are synonyms for this "eco-conscious"? Somewhere there's already a group for this I came across it and then lost it again. Oh well. I wasn't thinking. No time to think right now. Usually I will think, just not this evening. Okay that's not relevant to the topic. Too late now, I'll research later how to fix this. By then it will be too late probably, in this case. I guess this is valid even if there's some other topic already similar to it. This is the one using this particular word "conservative" to describe it. No I'm not trying to say I'm a conservative Jew, a Democrat, or any of that here.

I don't have any tattoos. I don't make my hair all different colors. I guess that is conservative as well, right? I don't rule out doing weird hairstyles actually. But of course these "I am this" "I am that" things are just in general. I have my hair long sometimes and have a beard and everything, so that's already breaking the "conservative" image here. but one of the purposes of that is to save money on haircuts. And I don't like cutting my own hair because I don't have time anyway. I really would need to have some training first. I know people have alrady figured out efficient methods for how to cut hair, I wouldn't want to re-invent the wheel. If I got trained I could do it. Again I've stumbled on into another topic. concluding this one now.

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I'm so proud! I love when the word is used this way. :D