Any smart person knows that Obama is actually the liberal Muslim antichrist from Kenya, who keeps orchestrating these massacres we are ceaselessly seeing.
He is diabolically sitting in the Oval Office, kicked back, feet on his desk, smoking a fat Cuban, while plotting to take away ALL the guns in Amurica.
You need evidence you say? Fool! Just use faith. That's usually how conspiracies work, don't you know?

*Warning: this is satire, keep out of reach of dense nut jobs.*
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4 Responses Oct 3, 2015

haha doubt he would make it that obvious. I've always been able to know when someone is lieing.

It's backfired though because this has shown us that if anything we need MORE guns to defend ourselves from the ISIS threat

God this could not be more than true.

Aside from your joke, there are evil people who plot evil things on all levels of society. That's just how it works. It's not inconceivable that an evil person can get into the White House- they get into every other level of authority.

There is also no good reason to believe the narrative I'm satirizing, yet many do, and without a lick of demonstrable evidence.

they can argue back just as well. They think they do have good evidence- that's why they believe it.