My nana said something yesterday that I been thinking about since. She says that with the way this country is going another civil war is coming. This time though it's not going to be region against region but trully neighbor against neighbor. My nana is 70 years old. She has seen alot in her life. She remember end of segregation in fact her first job was in a whites only restaurant despite the fact the entire kitchen staff was black. She's seen the Vietnam war in fact lost 3 of her 7 brothers in it. She has seen the democratic party become more and more liberal in fact until the late 70s she herself was a Democrat. So she knows what she's talking about when she says that feminist movement and liberals have destroyed our nation. She doesn't want to see this country fall apart but as this country becomes once again more and more divided another fight is coming. She loves our nation. No she's not racist either her and my pawpaw has pretty much adopted a former exchange student that they hosted one year in high school from Africa and helped her return and gain citizenship. She just believes as many old fashioned conservatives that the liberals are going to far.
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Your grandmother is a smart , observant woman. I am sorry she lost so many brothers in Vietnam.

All 3 that served. Others were to young her youngest brother is 53

I hope she is wrong but I agree with what she is saying.