I Guess I Am A Conservative

Conservative is the only conventional label that seems to fit me. It's simple but mainly I want to be left alone. This is not in the social sense as I enjoy interaction with all kinds of people. What I want is mainly that government just quit messing with me. Let me keep and spend my own hard-earned  money as I please on things and on causes I believe in. Not some massive spending program that does only that: spend. Any "service" which government provides costs many times what the private sector provides. Who needs all the burden, loss of privacy and anxiety that dealing with government always entails. In my mind the only legitimate service government provides is protecting the safety and the rights of individuals and includes defense of our nation, our borders and against the aggression of other nations and terrorist entities.

JoeBone JoeBone
66-70, M
2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

charlie you are a very smart man!

Darling, you're not conservative; you're Libertarian. Unless you're lying about not liking loss of privacy and anxiety from government interference. Conservatives want the government to control our lives in all sorts of ways that align with their moral values.