Only What Comes Naturally.

Ido not want to blow my own trumpet here,I feels good manners mean so much and cost so little.

I am so fortunate to have two wonderful parents who taught me from an early age to always show respect to others,that of course is not to say to allow others to trample all over me.Consideration in life is mearly a good habit that comes naturally to many.Others do their best however have to keep on working on it,then there are the select few who show no respect and demand everything.

When I think about the word Consideration it conjures up showing respect for others for example looking out for the elderly or for the young Mother who may be carrying another child,being aware of their needs and always acting accordingly.So many little deeds that present themselves in day to day living.Holding the door open for someone else,being patient when driving the car.Doing odd jobs for friends and family without them having to ask you to do them.I could go on and on the list is endless.I feel it  is important in life not to always put yourself and your needs ahead of others.Having consideration has its benefits also,people will respect you for your deeds.There is a small minority who would rather mock than lift a finger to get off their backside and assist another "I can't be bothered" you hear them cry"No one helps me" .Well if they became a little more pro active and worked on their characters a little they would find giving is so much better than receiving .

I do understand some have been brought up with little love and feels they should have everything without earning the right to do so however that is not the way the system works.It is better in my opinion to be poor but happy than to be rich and unhappy,Consideration brings its rewards and will bring happyness into anyones life providing they are prepared to work at it.
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You my friend are so kind and considerate,I am proud to be able to call you "friend"

Blow your own horn. If you don't, how is anyone going to hear it? Especially on line, we need to tell people about us. If that is called blowing your won horn, then so be it. I will blow mine every chance I get. If I don't tell people who I am, who will tell them? Not the man across the street. Not the woman who lives down the hall. I am my own spokes person. And you are yours. I applaud you. And I applaud your parents. If they have taught you to be kind and considerate, then I have them to thank for giving me a friend whom I love and admire a great deal.. And I will shout it from the roof tops.................................................oh, wait, I already did that. *giggles*