The Enchanted Door

With oil and water, incense and light

I enchant this door with magick bright

 each time it's willed to open love will grow

 each time it's willed to close hate will also go.

With pictures, words , thought and deeds of life

 I severe unhappiness, pain and strife

 and will it so when I ring the bell

 I breathe new life into this chant

Love and peace are forever more my names

I grow in leaps and bounds of wisdom, joy and fame

by the light of the moon and the might of the sun

The power is gathered

the energies are one

as I will it, it shall be done.


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46-50, F
3 Responses May 12, 2009

You know you can recite /chant whenever you feel the need .. when you feel that you need a reminder of what good there is in this world .. through intent. With intention we ask and expect only the best for oneself,we let go of false beliefs, judgement , anger and hatred..By doing so we have opened the door to love, happiness, harmony and the belief that we ,ourselves have great value and are deserving of such. We create our own destiny.. if we want to hold on to those old feeling which obviously do not create happiness the alternative is to create the opposite,, which is happiness!<br />
Thank you for viewing my pages.. and to share with you..this really works well by lighting a white candle,, burning some incense ,, and give in to your belief in your spirituality.. giving in is not giving up . It is accepting that old ways of thinking aren't so we seek alternatives.."change your mind , change your life"

thank you .. I love sending these,( at least to me anyway's) messages of how we can let the simplist of things with a touch of a word, thought, or deed that we can change our whole life.. if we so choose to.. Words are so empowering I believe if I say it is so, it is so.. not in a dominating why.. this meant with love and guidance.. there is nothing that we can not overcome if we want to .. it's the wanting to that is important...

that was very inspiring and beatiful.