I Make Things Happen

If I concentrate my will enough, I can actually manifest events a good percentage of the time, although timing is still tricky...

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^^^^ i feel you

Me, I chalk it up to psychological programming. I use meditation and creative visualization to manifest what I want in my minds eye, then "act as if" I've already aquired said result. I believe the science behind it probably has to do with subconscious programming, that end up putting me in a position to obtain what it is that I'm after. Only, what I'm beginning to learn is that I tend to romantisize what it is that I want and it's never as sweet as I imagined...leaves me with a rather let down feeling sometimes...

Any human being is capable of manifesting idea's into reality. Reality is the manifestation of thought. The more bioelectricity (chi, life force, prana, etc.) one has the easier this becomes. Don't lull yourself into a false sence of supiriority, this is a very powerfull ability that can result in personal disaster if not properlly controlled.

Elaborate please? Do you think you have a super power or something?

Yea, but the kicker is, even if I get exactly, or close to what I will, it never ends up being as sweet as I thought it would be. Usually, it doesn't turn out all that well...

u can send some my way too , i'm sure in need of some luck !

Well you can send some magic my way if you like!