You know those high-school-prom-books or whatever they a called where you vote like "most beautiful", "most intelligent", "*****" and all those stuff and I was voted "FREAK". :) But i loved it. it just meant that i didn't go with the flow, i wan't like jumping around and telling people i would kill them like the boy who won in the male freak-categorie, but i was certainly different.

I always wanted to be called freak since i saw that series "sabrina, the teenage witch" where that cheerleader girl calls Sabrina a "freak" and sabrina is still kool and nothing "freaky". so i guess in that sense "freak" is just a cool thing.

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1 Response Nov 22, 2007

I watched 'Sabrina" too. My family thinks I'm strange but that's fine with me. <br />
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